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Eternal Wisdom for Wellness Today


Healing with Parsley

Protect your immunity and stay healthy with

Parsley Shots

Oh My Goodness!  Parsley is so much more than a  garnish on a baked potato!!

Recently I spent about 12 hours traveling throughout different airports and felt the consequences upon getting home: sore throat, low energy, drippy nose.   I wanted to do something healthy and natural to support clearing these symptoms and came up with PARSLEY SHOTS -  potent little medicinal drinks to flood my system with antiviral, antibacterial, anti-inflammatory, immune boosting goodness!!  

Instead of suppressing symptoms with meds, or running to the pharmacy for a 'free flu shot' ( yea! -NOT) - why not help our bodies to heal naturally, without negative side effects. 


What are Parsley Shots?

A Parsley Shot is a potent little drink made in your Vitamix or blender.  It contains cold and flu fighting ingredients that taste delicious, like a mini-smoothie.  Because parsley shots contain potent herbs like parsley and ginger - we drink 'shots' throughout the day to 'drip' the healing liquid into our system to continuously keep clearing and building a defense against pathogens.  You don't have to feel sick to drink Parsley Shots , in fact, drinking the shots regularly may protect you from coming down with the flu.  

no more colds and flu

Making Parsley Shots

Parsley 1 bunch

Fresh Ginger 1 inch

Turmeric 1 teaspoon

Black Pepper 1/2 teaspoon

Lemon one quarter of lemon or more to taste ( with rind if organic )

Apple juice 1 cup

Water only as much as needed to blend to a liquid

Optional: Add 1/2 bunch cilantro. Substitute honey for apple juice. Add fresh basil for extra lung support

Blend until completely liquified and store in a glass jar.

The shot should be potent and pungent, with a zing. Adjust ingredients according to your tolerance.

Parsley Shots are medicine: Drink a half cup every hour if sick.

Can store in refrigerator if volume became too much for one day.

I get about 16 ounces from my Vitamix and make sure I finish it by day's end.